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Become the new face of HD İskender and join our ever-expanding journey of success!

With 28 years of experience, unwavering passion for quality, and long-established expertise, HD İskender, recognized as a No. 1 Brand since 2017, offers a unique franchise opportunity.
HD Holding, Türkiye's largest domestic restaurant chain, empowers us to confidently serve as the first brand offering the traditional Iskender experience in a shopping mall setting with the "restaurant" concept. Our flavor journey began in 1995, and today, we continue to delight 40 million guests annually across nearly 300 restaurants in over 50 Turkish cities. As we celebrate our success, we are seeking passionate partners to join the HD İskender family and expand our reach. Together, we will bring the traditional Iskender flavor to even more people.
Become part of the HD İskender family and unlock a highly rewarding franchise opportunity.
HD İskender was voted No. 1 in the "Restaurant" category of the #1 Brands survey conducted by the Shopping Center Investors Association and Akadametre Research in the years 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2022.


Qualifications We Look for in Franchise Candidates

How Does the Franchise System Work?

First of all, we kindly ask you to fill out our Franchise Pre-Application Form.
The steps following this process are as follows:
•    Following an evaluation of the application form, HD Holding will schedule an interview with the candidate.
•    If a candidate proposes a specific location, we will conduct a feasibility study at that site.
•    For candidates without a preferred location, HD Holding teams will collaborate to assess the region and identify a suitable one.
•    If the area is found suitable, an architectural project is prepared and put into practice.
•    HD Holding provides guidance on staff recruitment and training.
•    HD Holding's operations team offers comprehensive support throughout the entire process, from pre-opening to launch, ensuring you receive all the necessary guidance.
•    Our dedicated HD Holding teams manage all aspects of your restaurant, including product supply, food safety inspections, and staff training.
•    HD Holding's operations team is here to support all your restaurant's operational needs.

You can send your inquiries to franchise@hdiskender.com or contact us at 0212 281 63 64.

Your Personal Information
Your thoughts are very important to us, we would like to get to know you a little bit first.
Your thoughts are very important to us, we would like to get to know you a little bit first.
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